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Rec.On(struction) offers an allegory of midlife crises, old age, and the social stigma surrounding it, while simultaneously laying bare the fears that accompany the development of an artist's abilities. Driven by curiosity, the characters expose themselves to and push the boundaries. Trampoline and acrobats merge, blurring their borders in the pursuit of arrhythmias and risk. Objects and subjects become disordered to rediscover the fragility of their bodies, forever in the process of aging and in relation to others. Ultimately, laughter, the extraordinary in the everyday, and reflections on finitude intertwine with circus creation to explore the human condition.

Producción ejecutiva: Lucas Ruiz Prod

Idea y concepción: Max Calaf y Lucas Ruiz

Diseño, Construcción y consejos de manipulación: Benet Jofre

Espacio Sonoro: Martí Guillem Ciscar

Regger: Pablo Meneu

Consejo dramatúrgico y ojo externo: Eleonora Gronchi / Pablo Meneu


Intérpretes:              Max Calaf   

                                  Lucas Ruiz   


Duración: 50 minutos



Two men hanging in the air and ready to jump into the swimming pool under the seriousness and responsibility required by the script. At the very beginning, everything goes as planned, but all of a sudden, the actors of this history feel the necessity of revolting against it. Between one jump and the other, they start imposing their own rules, creating all sort of comic situations which would lead them to invent their proper show. All these adventures take place under a weightlessness state mainly in the air.


Acrobatics, balances, jumps challenging gravity, all sort of objects manipulation and a high dose of humor and wits integrate “Collage”. A trampoline show plenty of fun for all ages and public presented by the catalan company BotProject.


Creation: botproject


Cast:                               Angel de Miguel

                                       Lucas Ruiz

                                       Amaya Mínguez


Lenght: 40 minuts


Espiral del Diablo

Freser, one of the greatest acrobats of all time prepares to once again repeat their number with the help of his disciple, in Long. This time things will be different. In Longi will make things difficult for his teacher with the passage of time has taken note of what to do on a trampoline and do not want to lose the opportunity to demonstrate ho.El result of all this is an issue that comes from the hand of botproject full of acrobatics, humor and impossible with a touch of classical circus that will delight young and old.

Creation: botproject


Cast:                               Angel de Miguel

                                       Lucas Ruiz


Lenght: 10 minutes

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