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The BotProject company was founded in Catalonia in 2007 by Ángel De Miguel and Lucas Ruiz, who combined their acrobatic and interpretive skills to create a trampoline act for the Association of Circus Rogelio Rivel's showcase for the 2007 Mercè festival in Barcelona. Following the success they achieved, they decided to join forces and establish a circus company specializing in trampolining and acrobatics.

During its early years, BotProject focused on creating and perfecting its own style, blending various circus techniques with the trampoline as the central element. They added elements of physical theater, gestural humor, object manipulation, and movement choreography. This allowed them to develop an original and dynamic repertoire that earned them recognition, including the Audience Award at the Villanueva de La Serena festival and a nomination for the Best Street Show at the Zircoica Awards.

From 2010 onwards, BotProject began expanding its activities internationally, touring various countries such as France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, England, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Andorra, among others. In every place they performed, the company managed to connect with the audience and convey their love and passion for contemporary circus.

In 2014, the company relocated to Alcoy, Alicante, and management was handed over to Lucas Ruiz. BotProject has continued its work in creating and presenting new shows and projects, while maintaining its commitment to innovation, artistic quality, and the promotion of contemporary circus culture worldwide. Although Ángel De Miguel stepped back from the company's management, he remains actively involved in the "Collage" show and new productions, contributing to various aspects of the creative process and upholding his commitment to circus art.


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